Confession of a brother


Unwanted21 Days is a product which aims at empowering women. They know how brides in India are ill-treated and sometimes forced to give birth to a child. They know how painful it is when dreams are crushed and you’re bounded in restrictions.

Talking about women empowerment, are we still aware of its prevalence? It is a term we often come across in various social media platforms. Coming across innumerable posts regarding respecting women and treating them equally, I ask myself, are women in India really empowered? Well, I respect women, but that doesn’t seem to make any difference.  I’m still waiting for the day when India will rise from this stigma. Liking a picture on Facebook or re-tweeting a tweet on Twitter is just not enough. Try going beyond it. See a woman being ill-treated, stop it immediately.

All the concerns, which were limited only to my social media accounts, just got ignited when my sister went through the same pain. I was not there, but hearing it from her mouth, was very heart wrenching. I was upset, but then I realized we all are to be blamed. Just because it happened to my sister, I sobbed. But did I cry for the other girls, who went through the same? No, I didn’t give a damn, so why am I so distressed now? Just because she is close to my heart and I can’t bear the thought of seeing her in pain. Imagine, how tough it is for the other brothers, who suffer the extreme? Thoughts that can make you cry even in the best of times.

Today, as I step into this new day, I promise to take care of every girl or women in need. It is time to move out of my virtual world and act right in the real world.

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