Contraceptives – Stay Safe than Being Sorry

stay safe

A contraceptive tablet is an easy, cheap and an effective way to prevent pregnancy. It doesn’t matter, you love it or hate it, but the fact is you can’t ignore it.

  • A Safer Way – Birth control tablets (oral contraceptives) are safer and an effective way of birth control that helps to prevent pregnancy.
  • A Health Care Taker – Although, no drug is perfectly safe, every medication has some side effects, but only oral contraceptive tablets are safe with many health benefits like improving menstrual cycle and reducing menstrual cramps. 
  • No Need of Prescription – Contraceptive tablets are the only drug that does not need any prescription as it might not be possible to get the doctor’s appointment or take the updated prescription always with you.
  • Easily Accessible over the Counter – Availability of contraceptive tablets (OTC) helps every woman to get BCP shortly inhand whether at the last moment. Easy approach doesn’t let any barrier come in the way that leads to pregnancy.

Image Courtesy: bennadel


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