Defining Womanhood


I am the fire, I am the Storm, I am the Serenity and I am the azure

I am ubiquitous, in you, around you

With my faith and my trust

I can write the characters in the dust

From ‘The Printing Machine’ to ‘My Choice’ I define the Womanhood

The Womanhood demarcated by the struggles

The struggles for my choices and even for my life

Sometimes struggle for wanting kids and sometimes not to have them.

My body and my sexuality are a

subject of controversy for you

But at the core of all that struggle

I own an immense power

Enduring all the pains and conquering all the fears

I am the Mother, the Lover and the Free Spirit

I could live for myself with a lap of luxury in my own indulgence!

Image Courtesy: d9hblenkye35wcloudfron


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