Get Healthy before Conceiving

unwanted 21 days

Everyone loves to have babies at a certain point in life. No doubt, entering motherhood is bliss for every woman. But a woman must only become a mother when she is mentally and physically prepared. During pregnancy, there can be different complications which may cause some other health problems. These issues can involve the baby’s health, the mother’s health, or both. Some women who are weak may suffer from different health problems which could lead to complications in pregnancy.

During the initial days of my marriage, I was quite weak and was not ready for a baby. I decided to maintain good health first and then plan for a baby. According to the physician, I increased my diet and followed a healthy routine for better health. All my family members were expecting the ‘good news’ from our side. Fortunately, my husband supported me in my decision. Meanwhile, I had to consult a Gynecologist to know the best measure to avoid pregnancy.

The Gynecologist advised me to take Unwanted 21 Days tablets. As she suggested, I followed the process. I started taking the tablets from the first day of my periods and continued it for next 20 days. Then she told me to give a gap of 7 days and start the tablets with the new pack again. I did the same and continued it till the time I was not ready to get pregnant. After this, there was no issue is conceiving and now I am a happy mother of a baby girl.

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