Love Knows No Bounds

Love Knows No Bounds

She was just like other girls because she used to dream about her life with her man, but time had something different stored for her in the coming future. She decided to shift to Mumbai for the sake of her modeling assignment, but getting a house for a bachelor on rent was not easy there so she had to shift with a boy pretending to be a married couple. As the time went by, she fell in love with the boy she was living with in the apartment. They loved each other and decided to be with each other forever, but the marriage could have devastated her career so she talked about it to the boy and he agreed to wait.

Age, time, love and hormones wait for none; they made love with each other every passing day. She could not have afforded to get pregnant. She became depressed, but her boy was calm because he had the solution, he gave her Unwanted 21 days, so that nothing comes in between her career and their inseparable love. They got married soon after she achieved what she always dreamt of since her childhood. She became one of the most sought glamorous models of her time because she had everything; her parents, her love, her passion and Unwanted 21 days. She never suffered because of her womanhood, she was fit and free of all the complications. She enjoyed every bit of her life, she had the freedom of Unwanted 21 days.

Image Courtesy: photoexit


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