My Classmate Became My Husband

Unwanted 21 Days_My Classmate

I was into a relationship with a boy during college days. For further studies, he went abroad and I remained in the same city. We were in contact through mails and phone calls but did not meet each other for a long time. After a couple of years, when he returned to the city we decided to meet. He bought a gift, bouquet of flowers, and chocolates for me. I was surprised by the way he expressed his love to me.

We fixed a family meeting where we met each other’s parents. Finally, the marriage was finalized and we continued meeting each other at short intervals. After two months, we got married and started spending time together. Besides enjoying our life, we were also busy in our jobs. All our efforts were to make it a successful relationship. We just wanted to enjoy each other’s company and were not ready to handle any responsibility.

This was one of the biggest concerns for us. For a solution, we went to a Gynecologist who suggested me to take one tablet of Unwanted 21 Days. I started taking the tablet as prescribed by the doctor. This made me worry free and now we enjoy our time together.

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