Scaling the skies with Unwanted 21 Days

Unwanted 21Days

Being a part of the Indian Air Force and being a woman are the two things that I feel proud to be identified with. Firstly, I am a wonderful creation of God because I am a woman and secondly, I am one of the very few women who are selected to be a part of the Indian Air Force.

I live by my identity and the decisions I have made in my life are an integral part of it. I got married into a very progressive family where nothing was patriarchal. I had the right to choose my own battles and fight them too. To top all of that, I was blessed with an amazing husband. He was by my side when I told him I did not want to have kids at the moment.

The very next day, we went to the gynecologist that his mom had recommended. She advised me to use Unwanted 21 Days as it was tried and tested by a lot of women and has proven to be efficient.

I have been using Unwanted 21 Days since then and I have been very satisfied with how it has shaped my life for good. I can concentrate fully on my career without having to worry about unplanned pregnancy.

I must commend Unwanted 21 Days for making life so easy.

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