Stress is gone, let’s bring it on!

Our ancestors were probably a lot like you and me but were still different in many ways. They were like superheroes that encouraged aggressive play with their soul mates.

You know what I mean!

 It was an era where getting married and have lots of children was symbolized as strength of the family.

My granny used to tell me in my fairy tales that a prince will come and take me to a dream land where an angel will bless me with many kids. Thinking of so many kids like hers used to scare me.

At the age of 26, I got married and within a year I was blessed with a baby boy. I thought that our preferences will change. No doubt they changed to a great extent but it affected our sexual desires too. For sometime sex was really hurting but when I got mentally and physically prepared to get back in the sack, a fear of getting another baby ‘so soon’ frightened both of us. I knew my husband loved making out and somewhere we were restraining our relationship.

We dint have any intimacy for quite some days and gradually those days turned into months. It was an alarming situation! I contacted my gynae and followed her advice.

“Enjoy your sexual life with contraception”. There are various contraceptive methods available in the market that includes contraceptive tablets. These contraceptive methods not only avoid unwanted pregnancy but also make your sexual life smooth.  

My sexual life has become much erotic with contraception. According to researchers at the family planning organization, women who regularly use contraception tend to form romantic relationships that are more solid than women who aren’t contraception-covered.

Feel the dynamic changes in your relationship with these contraceptive methods. It surely has changed mine. Make your life simpler and enjoy each other. There is an appropriate time for everything, make your pregnancy planned for better future.


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