1 Tablet to be taken from the first day of Menstrual cycle for 21 days, followed  by 7 days without taking the tablet.

Start with the new pack on the 8th day. Find out more

unwanted 21 days tablet Price and days


This section/category explains different methods, problems, situations and their solutions after thorough research on topics and through which any women can make their life better by following the guidance, tips and advices. It is targeted to all the young girls and married women who want more information about pregnancy, after effects of having unsafe sex and contraceptive methods and precautions. Look at this space to find out the latest information about contraception.


The videos here explain about different situations and contraceptive related problems that can help you to avoid unwanted pregnancy or an unplanned baby. Emergency contraceptive tablets are one of the best way to avoid such unexpected condition. Let’s have an overview on the contraceptive tablets. Use birth control tablets to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Learn more about types of birth control tablets, their effects and side effects to avoid unwanted situation in an easier and safer way.


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