Life seems brighter ever since

married couple

I got married into a patriarchal but loving family. In simple words that meant I was taken care of by everybody in my family but could not voice my opinions, more like a bird in a golden cage.

My husband too was very caring but had the first and the last say even in our mutual decisions. Time went by and soon I was pressurized for having a baby. I did not want to start a family just yet as I was just about to get a promotion and my professional life was looking good.

I discussed my plans with my husband and he said that since his mother thinks it is the right time, we should start a family. I knew then and there that if I am not able to put my foot down, I will lose more than I will gain. I mustered the courage and confidently told my husband about my future plans and that this is not what I wanted at that time.

Miraculously he understood my point. Maybe he knew how badly I wanted my professional life to flourish at that point of time. We soon went to a gynecologist and she advised me to start on Unwanted 21 Days regular contraceptive tablets.

I did so and now I do not have to worry about succumbing to any kind of family pressure. I can happily say that my life seems brighter ever since.

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