A Match made in heaven

match made in heaven

I am a bio-technology engineer and work for a multi-national pharmaceutical company. My day usually comprised of working on new age medicine related ideas as well as striving to achieve them.

Being the busy girl I am, I hardly had time to date or look for a prospective boy in order to get married. But as life is unpredictable, love happened to me out of the blue.

2 years ago I met a colleague at my workplace and we soon fell in love. We dated for two years and decided to get married last month. He proposed to me and I gladly accepted! We decided to let our parents know about each other.

I went to my hometown and after getting settled told my parents about how I plan to get married to this guy. My parents were very happy and soon after all the necessary formalities, and soon got engaged. It was a small ceremony with only close family members attending.

I was talking to my fiancé about our futures together when the question of when to have kids came into picture. My fiancé was very clear that it is my right and I have full control over this decision.

We decided to step into our marriage with a proper family planning plan. We went to my gynecologist and she prescribed me Unwanted 21 Days. She said it was a tried and tested method and is a good brand of regular oral contraceptive tablets.

I am getting married next month and I have decided to start my first pack on the first day of my menstrual cycle; like the doctor advised. I know that unwanted pregnancy will not be one of my worries when I get married.

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