A wedding gift from sister

two sisters love

Having an elder sister means double the pampering, love and care. I am blessed with one too! We have always been close and made sure we both are there for each other.

When she got married and went away, I felt as if a part of me was lost. I missed her so badly and my mother had to make me understand that it is a part of life and I must try and remain calm.

Irrespective of being far away, we never missed out on sharing even the smallest of moments together.

Years went by and I was soon about to get married. All my friends and family were obviously very happy about it. I however, was very apprehensive about all of this. It was an arranged marriage and I did not know how my dreams, ambitions and future planning will fit into this new life. I did not want to have kids immediately after marriage and wanted to get to know my husband better.

My elder sister read my mind. She came into my room and asked what was wrong. I told her exactly what I was going through and she told me that communication is the key to a strong bond between a husband and wife. She told me to talk to him with an open mind about whatever I felt.

My elder sister also gave me other pearls of wisdom regarding family planning. She said it is my right to have control over my body and future. She advised me to start Unwanted 21 Days tablets, a product she uses too, to avoid unwanted pregnancy. But she also said that I must not start on the tablets before discussing it with a good gynecologist.

I was relieved and happy. I must say I am truly blessed to have a sister like her in my life.

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