Unwanted 21-Days and I


I don’t usually like talking about personal stuff in life publically, but I reckon this is important for me to share this specific experience with you all. Today, I want to share my experience with a well-known birth control tablet known as Unwanted 21 Days as I know many women are afraid or coy to talk about it.

I have been using Unwanted 21 Days for a few years now and I must say I am very satisfied with the effect it has had on my body and lifestyle. I took to birth control measures soon after we got married as we didn’t want to have kids immediately and wanted to explore each other sexually. My gynecologist suggested that this is the safest solution to have kids at a proper time and with the appropriate age gap, without hampering my lifestyle.

I have never felt bloated or lethargic or gained weight and go about my day-to-day activities as usual. I have the much-needed peace of mind that my husband and I can make love without worrying about unwanted pregnancy.

My heartfelt thank you to Unwanted 21 Days!

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