I am a Phoenix, My own hero!


“Be a good girl”, they said.

Being from an orthodox family, I had a much regimented upbringing. For a girl, taking decisions was something that was considered as over-achieving. All my life’s major decisions were taken by my father. I don’t know whether to blame it on patriarchy or my father’s over possessiveness towards me.

I got married (according to my father’s wish of course!) into a family very similar to mine. The men in my new family were used to impose their decisions on the women. Soon after a few months, my mother-in-law started coaxing my husband and me into having kids. My husband too seconded her. I, however, wasn’t ready.

I decided to have kids on my rules. After all, it’s my body and I have the utmost right to decide how many kids I want to have and what age gap will be appropriate between them should I decide to have more than one.

I made my family understand the importance of this decision and after much trying they understood! I went to a gynecologist and she prescribed me Unwanted 21 as a solution to my problems. I must say, it was the answer to my prayers. In other words, I rose again like a Phoenix from its own ashes.

Thank you Unwanted 21 for making that possible.

Image courtesy: mygynae


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