Women VS Society


Since school days, we have been taught society is built with both the genders being an equal part of it. But in reality, the same society teaches us that men are superior to women. However, we believe the scenario has changed and things are a lot better, but pondering about the darkness in the society, I can still see this inequality breathing freely. The ‘F’ gender still faces harassment and men still are boasting about their superiority.

Why is this process still prevailing? We talk against it, but why aren’t we stopping it?

All these questions again take me back to the darkness that canvases our nation. A nation, where women hesitate to step out of their shelter in the dark and where your clothes determine your character. Everyone judges you and tags your characterless, if you are too friendly with the guys. A female employee got promoted because of her efficiency, but people believe that she has achieved it some other way.  Not just that, but living in the capital I’ve still seen women in veil.

This is the scenario of the urban cities, where people claim themselves to be literate. If the literates are behaving like hooligans, then you can imagine how stressed are women in the rural areas. Not only men but the mother-in-law too ill-treats the newly wedded bride in the villages.

All this needs to be stopped. The society needs a revamp, eradication from all the evils against women. Unwanted21 Days support gender equality and believe, it’s time the genders should walk shoulder to shoulder.

Image Courtesy: shakeelurrahman


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