Why Impose Inhibitions? It’s My Life, Let Me Grow!

Happy woman

I resigned from my job when I was five months pregnant because it was truly stressing me out and I ended up in the hospital twice. At the time my husband really encouraged me to take a break from my profession.

After a year, when I wanted to get my career back on track my husband didn’t agree with my plan. Anytime, I brought up the issue, he told me to relax and wait for the baby to grow. It was a surprise to me as he had always seemed to be supportive with what I was doing and never doubted my decisions.

I was getting a little restless, so I sent out my resume and went for some interviews. Luckily I got a job offer from a big consulting firm. I was over the moon and excitedly told him that I had been hired but surprisingly, that infuriated him. He kept asking me who will train our child, would it be an illiterate nanny or some cousin of ours? What about another child? How will we manage if you join office?

Even after hours of discussion and argument, he kept bringing up the same old things. He promised to look after everything, gives me everything I wanted and be there for me and the kids forever. But this was not what I had in my mind. I was not at all ready to get pregnant again. Never in a million years had I thought I would become one of those wives that I always made fun of. He had recently got a very good salaried job and maybe that was the reason why he was behaving like this.

It is my right to decide what I want for my body and in my life and when I want it.

Seeing no other way out, I bought myself Unwanted21 days. This safe and easy oral contraceptive put the freedom of choice back in my hands it gave me a sense of confidence and control of my life.

Everything has settled down between us now and my husband has stopped compelling me to get pregnant. I have joined a small company nearby so as to save traveling time and be closer to my baby and have a career.

I am an independent, capable woman and I don’t need to beg anyone to let me grow as I want.  It’s my body, my career, my life and my choice.

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