He Is Not My Father!


He is caring, brave, funny, hard working, reliable, supportive and responsible. I am not referring to my father here; I am talking about my elder brother, a brother who never let me feel I am parentless. My parents died in a car crash while I survived somehow in the safe lap of my elder brother. People told me, I was an orphan but I never felt so. He is more loving than a mother and much responsible than a father.

He never married so that he could take good care of me. I remember once he asked me “Chhutki, would you mind if I marry someone?” I was too innocent at that age to understand the need of a married life, so I said NO fearing I will lose him if he got married. He loved me so much that he took it seriously and never married.

Time passed and I grew up.

I got admission in one of the top most degree colleges of the district. Soon I was working in a very reputed company in Bangalore.

I still remember the night he called me up like every other day to ask me of my whereabouts and well being, but he sounded a bit nervous over the phone so I asked him the reason of his worry. He asked “if you don’t mind, can you come back to Kolkata this weekend to see a guy for marriage?”

I respect him so much that I could never say no to any of his requests. So, I flew back to Kolkata and met the guy he had chosen for me. I was sure that I didn’t have to worry about anything as long as dada was there for me. I said YES to the proposal and the dates were fixed.

Eventually, the moment of separation took us over at my Vidai ceremony. We both cried like kids. I didn’t want to leave him alone but I couldn’t go against his desire of seeing me married. I had no option left than to leave with my husband, but just before moving away he handed me something.

It was Unwanted21 days! He said “I have always worked hard for your smile, do not let anyone else take over the control of your life, you are strong enough to fly high, Unwanted21 days will let you grow.”

Ideally, mothers take care of their daughters like this but it was expected from my brother because he is not just my brother, he is everything to me.

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