I Met my Partner at Friend’s Wedding

Unwanted 21 Days_Met

Last year, I went to attend my friend’s wedding in Mumbai. As it was my close friend’s wedding, I met some of my old friends too. Among them, there was a boy whom I least talked to in school. He approached me and we talked like regular friends for an hour almost. While returning to our home, we shared our contact numbers. After few days, we decided to meet on weekend.

It was an interesting meeting and we started talking to each other often. Within two months, I changed my job and we both started working in the same office. In my new office, he helped me in understanding the things. This way, we spent more time with each other and came close. After few months, we decided to marry and fortunately our parents supported us.

After getting married, I needed time to adjust myself in the new family. Besides family, I also had to manage my office work. Due to this, I was not ready to handle more responsibilities. With some doubts in mind, I met a Gynecologist who advised me about Unwanted 21 Days. I started taking the tablets as prescribed by her. This gave me the freedom to plan my life according to my choice. Now, we both spend time with each other without worrying about future.

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