Liberated and Strong: I am the New Woman

Modern Woman

I met someone. And being with him felt nice from the word go. After plenty of conversations and meetings, we expressed our feelings to each other. Love desires physical forms of expression. Hugs and kisses were enough expressions of love for our courtship days. As making love before marriage was not mentally acceptable to me. Blame it on the conservative upbringing, or a way of giving marriage a more special relevance, sex was out of our relationship till we get married. And even he didn’t mind it.

The day of our wedding came and it was the most beautiful day of my life. It was a magical day which gave way to many magical times of togetherness to us as a couple. We finally came close to each other and that night has forever etched itself in the history of our relationship.

Love flows between two people uninterrupted. But there is one aspect of our intimate relationship which makes me a little insecure. The choice of contraceptives and over dependence on my husband sometimes makes me uneasy. I have a career of my own, and I don’t think we as a couple are ready to bring in a baby at this point in our life. I have seen my friends get pregnant the very year they got marriage, sometimes the baby comes right after 9 months of the marriage. Such a scenario, of life is unacceptable to me.

Having a child is the next step in our marriage, but I am enjoying the first step and there is so much to explore and find out together. I got to know about Unwanted 21 and became independent to choose for myself. It is not that I don’t trust my husband, it’s just that I don’t want to overburden him and also I love to be liberated from my perpetual doubt. I am stronger and more confident today, and yes, the love is flowing unabated between me and my hubby.

Image Courtesy: bellanaija


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