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A working woman

I am a working woman, by that I meant to say that I work 10 to 6 in a dynamic media house to pay my bills. I mentioned the nature of my company so that the readers may know (only if they are interested) what kind of stressful work I am into, apart from the regular stress I had due to the fear of unwanted pregnancy. I am a married woman with high career aspirations and I and my husband has mutually agreed over a decision of not having a child for the next five years. But this decision of ours soon proved to be a great hindrance to our sexual pleasures and activities.

I am a science graduate so I knew about the ovulation and safe period to have sex, so I kept the fun for the safe time of the month. But can we really plan fun? By this we were really marring the spontaneity of our relationship. Luckily, I had this conversation with my boss, who happens to be a woman (of substance… I love her because she saved my sex life) and married, with two beautiful daughters. She advised me to start taking oral contraceptive tablets as my method of contraception. I at once followed her, like an obedient subordinate. Let me tell you, it did wonders to my sexual life… and why only the sexual life, it helped me live my life freely and without any tension of something unplanned and unwanted.

The Oral Contraceptive Tablets that I chose, is one among the most reliable and effective contraceptive tablets (according to my health needs) and I consulted by doctor before doing so. My oral contraceptive tablet offers me my ability to control my life, my fertility and my choice to choose when I want to have children. In short, my tablets promised me sexual liberation, which I am loving and enjoying to the fullest. Thank you Unwanted 21 Days Oral Contraceptive Tablets.

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