Hold on Baby…. Let’s have Fun


Lots of romance, warm hugs and loving cuddles, and we started our life. After returning from our honeymoon, we became centre of attraction for everyone with lots of masti and leg pulling all the times. That feeling was really amazing which brings a special smile on my face and butterflies in stomach. Commenting over honeymoon plans are common ones.

I & my husband, we both were really happy & satisfied after returning from our trip. We had a great time together which will be memorable for the lifetime.  Those special 7 days were really marvelous.  A special bonding, good understanding and care for each other developed.

And one day something happened…. Or you can say climax of a romantic movie…

I was not feeling well since morning, feeling drowsy and low. As my family was very concerned about my health and they suggested me to go and have a checkup done. Complete time they all were cracking jokes like – Do you want some pickle? Or making fun the other way by congratulating my mother in law by saying Mubarak ho! Dadi Maa. But we ignored as there was nothing like that. But the expectations of the family began to grow gradually.

We both were not ready for the baby. It doesn’t mean we don’t want babies; of course we love babies and I want that proud moment of motherhood but the time wasn’t right.  Not only me, in fact my husband was also not prepared for the baby. After thorough discussion with him, I have found out that he is not ready yet and willing to wait for some more time.  He was right in his own sense as we are not matured enough for this responsibility. We just moved in to our new life and new roles and the last thing that we ever wanted as of now is a baby.

I consulted with my gynaecologist. She asked me each and everything in detail and asked me the reason why we don’t want a baby now? After a detailed discussion and knowing the situation she suggested me to go for contraceptive tablets as it helps women to enjoy their married life without getting worried of unwanted pregnancy.

After taking her advice I opted contraceptive pill and left the worry behind of getting pregnant and started enjoying our life at the fullest. Today, I am free, independent and mature enough to suggest others for the same. We are just celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary and planning for our 2nd honeymoon. 😉


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