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Mother's Love

I still remember the day when my dad got a stroke. His blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar level were out of control. This traumatized our family, however seeing my mother courage (the most courageous woman in my life) to end this stroke on family, made me responsible too.

Eleven years ago when my dad got a brain stroke, my mom was a home-maker.  In no time she understood her responsibility and got on her feet. Initially it was quite tough being a working mom and taking care of my father but she never showed her distress.

This incident changed me and I realized that being responsible is what women are meant for.

Women know the value for patience, tolerance and sacrifice. Right from being a daughter to the lovely phase of motherhood, there are so many different things and responsibilities that women have to take care. A woman’s life is multi-faceted. Women have to handle different aspects of life, such as their spouse and family, career and business, health, education and fitness and raising their kids with moral values. No doubt that they are blessed with the power that enables them to handle different responsibilities with a right attitude.

She is the foundation where her family is built upon. She builds a nest, start a family and provide safe environment where her children can flourish. She develops their personalities and explores the hidden talent in her kids. A mother is everything to her kid. That is why she plays an important role in child’s education, growth and well being. There is an unconditional love and care between the two.

Children are copy cats. Whatever they see, they learn and follow. So a woman takes this responsibility and become a role model for her children.

Living with husband and taking care of the spouse is another responsibility. She knows that this job requires the degree of sagacity and style. Woman becomes a successful wife when she wins over her husband’s heart and turns her home into a paradise.

A well known scholar once said “Women possess a strange power in which they are able to acquire whatever they desire

Image Courtesy: First time mom forever.


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