I am the New Age Woman

Independent woman

After meeting with a prospective groom, I had a lot of apprehensions. I was coy even talking to him about our present, leave alone our futures together. After plenty of conversations and meetings, we expressed our feelings to each other. We eventually got to know each other and our courtship comprised of mixed feelings, ranging from friendly tiffs to serious conversations.

We stepped into the holy matrimony with lots of dreams about our future. But there was one aspect of our intimate relationship which made me a little insecure. The choice of contraceptives and over dependence on my husband sometimes made me uneasy. I have a career of my own, and I don’t think that we as a couple are ready to bring in a baby at this point of our life.

I went to a gynecologist and got to know about Unwanted 21. I became ecstatic that I can now decide for myself.

Thanks Unwanted 21 for making me powerful and independent.

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