I Met Him on the Dance Floor

unwanted 21 days_dance

We had many mutual friends and hence we often met on someone’s birthday or wedding parties. First time, I interacted with him on the dance floor. It was our favorite track and both of us could not resist ourselves. We danced and enjoyed ourselves in the best manner. After coming down from the dance floor, he approached me with a smile. We had a long conversation and came to know about each other in detail.

Next time we again met at one of our friend’s wedding. We greeted each other happily and spent good time with each other. In this meeting, we felt more comfortable and decided to meet often. Our friends noticed that we were getting close and encouraged us to move on into a relationship. One day he called me up in office and expressed his interest in meeting me after office hours. That evening, he came to pick me up and we went for a cup of coffee. In the café, he proposed to me for marriage.

After our marriage, we were enjoying our lives and wished to travel throughout the world. Moreover, we were not ready for future responsibilities so we went to a Gynecologist. She advised me about Unwanted 21 Days tablet. I started taking the tablet on the first day of my periods and continued it for 20 days. After finishing the first strip, a gap of 7 days is required and the second pack is to be started from the 8th day. I bought a pack of tablets and started taking it as suggested by the Gynecologist. Now, I feel confident about my plans and completely enjoy my life with my partner.

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