It’s time to own your responsibility

Happy couple

Soon after my marriage, the whole family’s attention diverted on to me. That stereotype notion of our society, to have a baby as soon as possible, was really a disturbing factor for me as I was too young to re-born as a mother. My better understanding with my husband saved me from our vices, of not obeying so-called commands and rare advices!

Despite of the family pressure, we promised for a family planning and not to have a baby until we both were ready. But that didn’t mean that we ever compromised on those intimate sessions.

Regular oral contraceptive tablets, recommended by my gynaecologist, never let down our decision of family planning. With the use of regular oral contraceptive tablets, I also realized my responsibility towards our decision of leading a carefree and a happy life. Instead of my husband buying a rubber, it was much easier for me to regularly use the oral contraceptive tablets.

I also experienced many health benefits with BCP. The female hormonal birth control method not only effectively prevents pregnancy, but also gives protection against acne, severe menstrual cramps, bone thinning and anemia. The list is never ending when it comes to a happy life with your partner.

Well, after 2 years we got blessed with a baby girl.

The importance of family planning is, no doubt, often discussed in our society now, but how many implies it, is still a question.

Ladies, your family is your decision, and happiness of you and your family matters the most. So, own your responsibilities and remember, fear of embarrassment has real life consequences!

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