Unwanted-21 Days And The Athlete In Me

My dreams

With the wind brushing through my hair, I proceeded towards the finishing line. I won the triathlon in record time. I was surrounded by people wanting to congratulate me. In this commotion I was wondering about the things that helped me become what I am today.

My hard work required sacrifice not only from me but also my family. Being a married woman athlete, I had to break the shackles of this orthodox society and pressure from my family. But my husband unconditionally helped me in achieving my goals. The most important aspect was to plan when to have kids, how many and what will be the age gap between them should we consider having more than one kid.

I had an appointment with my gynecologist and we had a long discussion about my choices and options. She prescribed me Unwanted 21. She said that one of the biggest misconceptions about Unwanted 21 is that it leads to weight gain and I being a sportswoman would normally be anxious. But, it is just a myth. She further added that I can continue on going about my day-to-day life without having to worry about compromising on my fitness regime or most importantly unwanted pregnancy.

Along with my family and gynecologist, Unwanted 21 also plays a major role in my success story.

I can’t thank Unwanted 21 enough for making a significant difference in my life.

Image courtesy: expertbeacon


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