When will you?

Women Empowerment

Our nation is developing and for the past seven decades, we have witnessed tremendous development. People here proclaim that we are marching in the right direction and are not lagging behind in any field. Be it sports, science or art and culture, India has attained glory in each and every area. We are home to the oldest and the most integrated cultural, and also are the birthplace of some mighty and dynamic leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Looking at the current scenario, the gap between man and woman has bridged and women are equally empowered. Once a man dominated society, but recent activities at Rio Olympics has completely eroded the stereotype. Celebrating the brave performances of our female athletes in the extravagant multi-sports event highlights the fact that women are equally potential of making the motherland proud.

However, the rural India still holds on to this inequality and gender gap is still widely prevalent. There have been instances which prove amelioration in the position of woman, but true women empowerment is still miles away.

Taking this into account, we should not just gossip amongst ourselves, but, do what needs to be done. Hesitation to stand against the odds, while coming across any outrage or inequality against the female section, shouldn’t be an option. Working towards such a positive motive will not make you a better person, but will also make India a better nation. Always remember not to count on the goodness you have done instead, always try to be a better person than you were yesterday.

Unwanted 21 days has taken an initiative towards breaking this undying stigma. When will you?

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