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Contraceptive tablets

Walking home that day, my mind was full of unresolved questions. I knew he was the one, I knew that he and his thoughts and concerns were the things which I was ready to take care of all my life. He craved for intimacy, a level of intimacy, which was irresistible to me too, but made me walk away from him due to the associated risks involved.

I love him and my love for him only grows skyward.  We will get married after two years, as planned and approved by our families. Both of us are trying to see if we can have careers overseas. And an unwanted pregnancy is something which will damage the whole road map of our lives. It is not that we don’t want to be parents, it’s just that we as a couple are not yet sorted out enough to handle our career goals along with marriage and children.

In this anxiety-ridden state of mind, I called Prachi, My happily married friend, who always seem to have the solution to all my worries. She listened to me patiently and told me about one of her ways of enhancing love and trust in her marriage. Unwanted 21 was the gift she gave to herself and made the decision to decide for her family.

For me, it has been quite liberating. No matter how much I love and trust my partner, having things under one’s control is always motivating and strengthening. Rohan and I came close and it was such a wonderful experience that words could never really express it. All of it took place when I was self-assured, my mind was full of confidence and lots of love for the love of my life.

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