I Love to Spend Time with My Baby

Unwanted 21 Days_I Love to Spend Time with My Baby

After giving birth to my first baby, I realized that motherhood is an incredible gift. I wished to enjoy each and every moment of my child and cherish it in memories. I have seen many mothers who continue with their jobs are not able to spend quality time with their kids. In order to avoid this situation and enjoy my baby’s childhood, I quit my job.

From the moment he opens his eyes in the morning, I am next to him. I love to capture all the moments spent with him. Most of my time is spent in changing his diapers, clothes, cooking food for him and playing with him. Moreover, the rest of my time is spent in the kitchen and doing some other household chores. After all these things, I could hardly find time for my personal interests.

My only mission was to enjoy the new phase in my life. Both of us decided to enjoy our lives with our first child and were not ready for the second one. I decided to meet my Gynecologist who suggested me about Unwanted 21 Days tablets. She advised to start the tablets from the first day of my menstrual cycle and continue it for 20 days. Then after a gap of a week, again I was asked to start the same process from the eighth day. This was an easy way out to carry my responsibilities, so I followed the process. I feel quite blessed that now I can enjoy my life according to my preferences.

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