Strong Enough


I never thought that I’ll witness such an incident ever in my life. All my journeys have taken me to various scenarios, but this was something different to my experience. I was at a marriage function in a small village, in some corner of the country which, I think, even Google maps couldn’t have traced till date. It was a society where almost every household had a married woman, comparatively much younger than the men. Quiet and shelled within their aura, it seemed that these women had never got any opportunity to express their emotions.

People told me that the bride-to-be was 18, which completely defied her much younger innocence. Since I was a guest, I got the access to meet the bride where we exchanged a few words. I asked her if she was ready for the big change. “Everybody does this, so do I”, she boldly replied. A few pictures were tucked on her small almirah which had her playing Kabaddi. I was staring at them while she said in a low voice, “Those are the gone days, madam, now I will be a wife, have kids and a family to handle.” Her spontaneous reply kicked me. I left the room with a lot of thoughts popping in my mind.

‘‘What if I have to go through the same situation?’’, I thought while attending the marriage rituals. ‘’Will I be able to cope up with the pressure of getting pregnant and having babies?’’. There was a volcano of weird thoughts erupting inside my head like never before.

Suddenly I heard a voice coming from my back calling my name. It was the Vidaai time. Time for the bride to leave her home. All her relatives were standing in a row to bless her for her bright future. I too joined the queue. After crossing everyone, she was in front of me. We were looking into each other’s eyes. We hugged each other and shook hands and I secretly handed over her a pack of Unwanted21 Days. As she was about to get into the cart, she turned back and gave me a victorious smile. She wiped her tears and waved her hands, saying goodbye.

It was like a transfer of positive energy from one person to the other. I realized my feminism need not to be my weakness. We women, are strong enough to handle each situation calmly. The newlywed girl’s smile revealed a lot to me.

Image Courtesy: reshareit


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