My in-laws are my backbone

In Laws

Life is like a roller coaster, with its ups and downs. No one can control it, and we are all forced to move according to the constantly changing times. Being in command of on your instincts is something very vital, as any wrong move can permanently take you away from your dreams.

Well, life had always been very idyllic for me. Full of great surprises and happiness, that always made me count my blessings. I grew up with high spirits and no hassles under my mother’s wings. My mom and her attitudes towards me and the whole family always inspired me to fly higher.

Life being the roller coaster ride it is soon dropped me into the zone of discontentment. My life changed drastically and slowly I could see the U-Turn coming nearer. The nightmares which I used to avoid as a child turned into reality, as I got married. I had always dreamt of being a competent lawyer, but my in-laws had other expectations from me. I’m not saying they treated me badly but they were still of a conservative mindset. They expected their daughter-in-law to do the household work and help in family matters.

Adjusting to this new lifestyle was very testing. Helping my mother-in-law and making her happy was not a piece of cake. I took this as a new challenge and with a lot of hard work, gradually I nurtured the relationship. We now share a very pure bond of mother and daughter. She makes sure that I’m not upset and don’t feel left out in this new home. I love her very much as she is the ideal mother-in-law any newly married bride could wish for.

Seeing the potential and my interest towards my books, she broke the stereotype and raised her voice for me. She asked Papa to let me pursue my LLB and follow my dreams. I was taken aback when she uttered these words. With tears in my eyes and a heart full of gratitude, I could see my life getting back on the right course and now I was pumped up with a new zeal and had two supporting souls (my mom and my mother-in-law).

My husband and father-in-law agreed with the idea and happiness has again found its way into my life. I discussed the challenges with my husband and looked for steps to avoid unwanted pregnancy and other crucial issues. My husband immediately took an appointment with the family gynecologist as we needed the best option. The doctor advised me to use Unwanted 21 days as it assures you of safe family planning and future.

Now, I can freely spread my wings and have gained the ability to fly higher than an eagle, because my family is the wind beneath my wings.

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