Spice up your life with Contraception

Spice up your life

Well, it is quite interesting to know that contraceptive tablets can spice up your sex life.


A Study conducted at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health states that women who use contraceptive tablets are three times more likely to have regular sexual intercourse than those who do not use contraception.

In the study, where women were on regular contraceptive tablets, 90 percent reported regular sexual intercourse. On the contrary, women who were not on contraception, 72 percent women reported regular sexual intercourse. The women were between the age of 20 to 29, educated and wanted to have children in the next couple of years.

More intimacy means more understanding and a better way of a healthy relationship. The researchers also explained that using regular contraceptive tablets helps in meeting the family planning goals which, up to a great extent, impacts people’s lives.

No doubt, a healthy sexual relationship and use of contraceptive tablets are interlinked and improved and easy accessibility would lead to more frequent sexual intercourse.

So, spice up your relationship with Unwanted-21 days, a regular and a safer contraception.

Image Courtesy: media4onsugar


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