Unwanted 21Days

The New Year brings with it a lot of hopes, anticipations and planning. Being humans, we are wired in a certain way. We make mistakes and may or may not learn from them. It is very rightly said, “To err is human.”

Life being so complicated, we must make it a point to learn from our mistakes and plan accordingly for a better future.

One such decision in my life has been completing my family. That means having kids. I would want that someday but not today. My life has been very interesting; full of hits and misses. I managed a familial crisis and my household with equal conviction. I have been low but not broken. My life demanded a tough daily routine without having to worry about the kids.

With that thought I went to my gynecologist. She suggested me to take Unwanted 21 Days. That proved to be the solution to all my problems. I will continue with it till I decide to have a family.

Unwanted 21Days has certainly become one of my #VowsToTakeForward.

Image courtesy: greatnorthcarerecord


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