Tapping My Way To Success

Unwanted 21Days

Female tap dancers are rare but there! We paint the town red on and off stage. It is exhausting but fun and the applause I receive at the end of my performance is worth the toil.

Although it might sound scintillating but tap dancing took huge sacrifices from me and my family. One of the major bones of contention between me and my husband was the decision to have a family. He was not very keen on me following my dream of becoming a successful tap dancer at first. However, after much convincing he understood. That was the last day he ever said a word against my passion and decisions.

We went to a gynecologist referred by a family friend and she was ever so nice and considerate to solve all my problems and concerns. She patiently listened to all my questions and answered them and eventually suggested me to take Unwanted 21 Days.

My lifestyle has not only changed, it has become better. I have been more agile comparatively.

Thank you Unwanted 21 Days for making me tap my way to success.

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