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“I never thought about it so seriously Vinita, we can actually control our life with Unwanted21 days” commented Siyali on one of my YouTube videos last week.

Since I couldn’t become anything in life despite having a master’s degree in the field of fashion, I became a YouTuber. My family didn’t want me to be a YouTuber but it was my calling, and I refused to give it up. Now they have accepted me and the way I want to live my life.

I aspired to be a successful model or a designer in the fashion industry, but conditions didn’t allow me to grow. My height is 5”8 with lots of curves and a thick mane of hair. It wasn’t me who thought about becoming a model first, it was my friends and relatives from the fashion industry who drew my attention towards my potential. They said my eyes were captivating enough drive people wild.

My parents didn’t like the idea of me getting into the glamour industry, therefore they got me married to a guy of their choice right after my first assignment as a model. I had fared very well on that show and was hoping to get more interesting opportunities.

My ambitions died a natural death the day I got married. I got engrossed in the household responsibilities in such a way that I even forgot my existence and desires.

Time passed and by the time I realized what I was doing and what I need to do actually, it was too late. Those crucial years of my youth were history now and coming back to the fashion industry was nearly impossible. I didn’t want my talent to go to waste so I started a YouTube channel-Let Me Grow. I use this channel to inspire other women to follow their dreams and not waste their talent. I want all of them to learn from my mistakes and use Unwanted21 days tablets to avoid unwanted pregnancy during that crucial period when you are not ready or interested in taking the responsibility of a baby.

The first ever video I produced for my YouTube channel was under the title ‘I am strong enough to live my dreams, just let me grow’.

My journey has just started and the path is clear, nothing can stop me now.

Image Courtesy: mymediacreation


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