Patience pays!

Waiting for you

When I was a kid I decided not to have sex until I get married. I don’t remember the time and the age when I made this decision. As being in a conservative society having sex before marriage is never an option. I also planned on waiting because for me it was the right thing to do. But these decisions seem pretty easy when you are in your teens, but what if you are in your late twenties and still not married?

​I was really introvert and purposefully avoided being cool when I was young. I hated to follow the crowd or avoided the path where everyone else was. No doubt it is a difficult trait as an adult, but a huge problem when you are a teenager. Still, I dated many in my mid teens and most of the relationships were long-term, I mean relationships one get in high school and college. I am not sure if this dating was harder or easier, but dating different characters and personalities helped me more than I can say.

​Towards the end of my college a friend of mine introduced me to an advertising agency as a model for their advertisements. I hated being in front of the camera as I didn’t  consider myself as particularly good-looking but I gave it a shot. But that shot worked out and I started getting several projects.

I wasn’t always involved in a relationship and there were long stretches before jumping into another relation. Waiting while I was alone was difficult as when you are waiting for the right one, the months and at times years tick by and you start to lose hope. Let me be honest, all this time I wondered why and whom I was waiting for?  Sometimes I thought about how stupid it was to wait for an unknown person. There were many moments when I lost hope that there could be someone for me. For me the world was having fun and I thought that my decision will never pay off!

​The projects worked for me and I have been lucky enough to get more assignments.  But personally the hardest part of waiting to have sex was that there was no end of this waiting. When I was a kid I thought that I would be married by twenty-three. By the time I turned twenty seven I hadn’t had a relationship in two years. And now I really had no idea how long I have to wait, or if this is something that would never happen!


​Fortunately, the story doesn’t end here. I got engaged with a person worth waiting for. It’s funny to me that after twenty eight years of waiting and imagining what my life would be, nothing turned out the way I imagined. My imagination was really horrible. But in a nutshell I would say that Patience always pays!

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