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One day Suhasini was walking on the road. She could perceive her future life very clearly – a good husband, a loving relationship, two happy kids and a successful career. As she was crossing the road, she saw a little baby crawling beside her legs. Suhasini looked around, but couldn’t find anyone who was looking after him. Probably his mother was begging on the traffic signal, leaving the baby all alone by himself, crying, most likely due to hunger.

That day Suhasini realized that life is not fair. From the time of opening their eyes, children of poor people lose their right to live a dignified life and don’t get even the basic means of realizing their potential. She decided that she won’t give birth to a baby; she will adopt a baby with the support of her husband. Giving birth to a baby when there are thousands of children living in subhuman conditions, crying for help, suddenly seem like a monstrous thought to her.

While this thought was going back and forth in her head, Suhasini was also thinking about the contraceptives. Now they would be more than needed to ensure the success of her new dream. Suhasini chose Unwanted21 days, an oral contraceptive pill, to get the true freedom she required to pursue her wish. After a few years, Suhasini was living happily with her 2 adopted children and a loving, encouraging and supportive husband. And she can’t be more thankful to Unwanted21 days!

Image Courtesy: marieforleo


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