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In life only one thing should not be planned and that is love. After all, this is the only human emotion which we crave for, throughout the life and it is love which never makes us feel bored. But, to feel the charm of that everlasting love, one has to plan their life and in fact, every step they take needs to be well calculated.

One such step for every woman would be family planning. When in India, the firming of the thought, “girls are destined to be married” is so fertile, perhaps simply raising voice on the streets will not work. For this, women must  get the rights over their own body. While, fertility of women is an unavoidable phenomenon, being pregnant is not. It should be totally a woman’s will to conceive or not to.

Every woman should plan their life according to their wish and they should live their life, they way they want to. As Virginia Wolf talks about ‘A room of her own’, it is important for women to create a space for themselves, even if their parents’ or in-laws’ possess princely properties.

Society must provide liberty to a woman to get married only when she is mentally as well physically prepared for it and, more significantly, she should be allowed to plan her motherhood as per her wish. Unwanted 21 Days, the much talked contraceptive tablet, gives complete authority of a woman over her body.

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