Happiness Starts With Me!


I am a Daughter, Mother, Beloved, Wife, Sister and a Friend! Remember the things I did when I was a little kid? The days are gone, but my love goes on! From that puppy love to the most romantic love for my beloved. Yes, happiness starts with me!

I am full of sweet surprises, happiness and my heart is filled with desires. I watch the world through kind eyes; I hold on to the good and let the bad go by. I love life and I am the inspiration. Let my heart fly freely as I am the sweet sensation. The world is my invitation to happiness.

Happiness is the most important aspect for every stage of life. Being a woman, it becomes significant to be happy as a research shows that if the man of the house is less happy than his wife, chances of getting split up are much less. So it’s alarming if you are not happy!

The success of any marriage depends on the compatibility and understanding with your partner. It is truly said that all marriages maneuvers through rough situations and it depends on both the partners how to handle those patches. Like your honeymoon period, keep your marriage fresh forever:

Appreciate your partner: Appreciate your partner with the same love. Kiss passionately when your partner leaves for work. It strengthens your relation and you feel more happy and protected. A study says that if the wives don’t appreciate their husbands, they get attracted to other women and the same happens with the women.

Appearance matters! After years of marriage couples let their appearance slide. Remember the time when you first met your love. Weren’t you really concerned about your appearance?  Realize the importance of looking good. It attracts your partner and love in your marriage remains fresh.

Show love: Your partner knows that you love him/her. But don’t let your love expressions fade away. Cherish every moment with your partner. And don’t shy in saying ‘I love you’.

Get a life: Your marriage is your primary relation, but it need not to be the only one. Take time and be with your friends. Share experiences and enjoy swapping stories with them. You need to give some space to each other as phone conversations with your partner are always romantic!

Intimacy should not be only in the bedroom, but outside your house: Intimacy and affection play an important role for every couple. This passionate love comes in different shapes like cuddling and long conversations. Imagine you with your partner on a moonlight walk that ends in a kiss!

Remember, whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you and your relationship happier as nothing ages like happiness!

Image courtesy: blackgirlhealth


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