I am the best!


I am the best! For me ‘Stressed is Desserts’ that is spelled backwards. And let me assure you darling that multi-tasking is highly overrated by you men! I am a woman and it is not a myth that I am best at multi-tasking. According to Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, women have superior memory and social cognition skills which make them more equipped for multi-tasking. I run the household! Job as a home-maker doesn’t pay me anything (apart from my own satisfaction). For me, it is a rewarding endeavor to run a household and care for my family. I maintain the budget and know exactly what and where to spend. Sometimes from handling bank and checking household finances to helping my husband in coordinating investments. From paying household bills to allocate appropriate financial resources, I have the ability to handle it myself. I give up sleep for my kids: A study shows that mothers care more about their children than fathers. It’s not only about changing diapers but also taking my child to doctor or getting up in the middle of a night if my baby is crying. No one can deny the fact that I end up shouldering more when it comes to the parenting issues. I organize my house with utmost care and help my children in their home work and home projects. I am at work: I am career oriented and prefer to work. Like you men I also give my best at work. In spite of the challenge of handling household with office, I have the ability to confront them. When it comes to accomplish goals, my feminine touch and skills like empathy and optimism work towards the benefit of the company. My emotional intelligence, passion about work creates a healthy workplace. I deal with tough situations with a smile on my face. I am for you! After a long hectic I am available for my partner as well. From preparing dinner to those intimate love-sessions, I am ready for you. I don’t expect diamonds and jewels (sometimes I do) I love to spend quality time with my love. Appreciate me, love me, understand me and cherish me as a part of your life!!!

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