The power lies in you!


Coming from a service-class family, my aspirations were always high. My father was my biggest strength and for me he was my superman. Slowly and gradually, with the support of my family, I was on the path to achieve my ambitions; but little did I know that life had something else planned for me. My father suffered a stroke.

I started contemplating my next move. My world got up-side down seeing my father bedridden. My superman had lost all his energy, all of his powers!

But the conqueror of life had a strong-willed daughter; so there was no room for disappointment. I stood, but with a little power. My resilience enabled me to fight with unwanted situations. I knew the day was not far when I will accomplish all my goals.

But the path had many more obstacles, giving me a rough time and breaking me emotionally as well as physically.

During these tests of time, I got engaged and thought he was the man of my dreams. But that too turned out to be just an illusion! He broke my heart and moved on.

Again, I got shattered, left with picking up the pieces. There were numerous times when I thought of ending everything as I had no other option.

But was I really wanting to end this beautiful life? My soul asked a thousand questions… who had the answers? Not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t mean it’s not there! No one else but I was the one who could unfold the mystery of my life.

I stood again. And this time with more power and enthusiasm. All ready to face the challenges of life. My determination was strong, so I kept on achieving all my goals and moving forward with conviction. That will power gave me the strength to face any hurdles in life.

Life never stops… just say it aloud… I am ready for all the challenges, let me see.. What life has to offer me!

Image Courtesy: addiva


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