Unwanted-21 days: An Innovative Revolution

Healthy Relationship

Since a decade or so, every bit of our surroundings has changed. The technology, the smartphones, the lifestyle, even the games children play, has drastically taken a new form.

While flipping over a magazine the other day, I came across a news about a new smartphone app which is developed, especially for Indian rural women, targeting the success of the Family Planning programme.

I would say, an introduction to a new innovative revolution.

This app will help women in rural India to understand better about the contraceptive tablets. Also, it includes a variety of videos that inform about family planning, modern contraceptive methods in a form of entertaining and educational films, testimonials from happy couples who are on regular contraceptive tablets, questions and answers from physicians that dispel the myths and misconceptions about contraceptive tablets.

Whether it is how big companies promote the use of contraceptive tablets or how government takes initiatives to promote family planning, the couples aim for a happy and healthy married life and for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy.

With Unwanted-21 days, fearlessly indulge yourself in those gratifying moments and show the sensual passion like never before.

Image Courtesy: cdnmedia1lifehackorg


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