A Confident Decision

Mother and daughter

“You have to be your own torch bearer”

I read it somewhere when I was in school. Now is the age when you just want to fly high, go beyond the limits and explore every single bit of life.  Since my childhood, I was not at all a quiet girl. The word ‘calm’ never existed in my dictionary. Exploring everything was my favourite hobby.

I finished school and entered college. It was the beginning of my new life. Almost for the first time in my life I went beyond the borders of my hometown to pursue my dreams. It was an unknown city to me and I realized I was home sick. I was missing my mom very much. We had long chats over the phone every evening. She used to tell me that it is just the beginning and you have a long time to go there. The early days were very difficult for me as I used to follow college and hostel rules timidly. But, for how long can boundaries cage a free bird.

Time passed on and I found a new family in college. I created new definitions for relationships. I made friends who turned into my best buddies. In no time College and hostel became my second home.  Within this chain of events, I didn’t even realize when the love bell rang. It was all like a fairy tale. He was my classmate, and quite soon I got into bunking classes, long drives and romantic dates with him.

When the time came to bid adieu to the college, we were so much in love that we didn’t take much time in marrying each other. We never gave a thought to our career or future plans despite the repeated warnings of our parents. We shifted to Hyderabad soon after marriage. Days passed and it became difficult for us to survive without a job. I could not afford to become pregnant during this time. I used to shudder at the thought of getting pregnant and having no source of income to feed my baby.

In this predicament, I had no choice but to call my mother. Reluctantly I spoke my heart out and started crying. She made me understand the delicacy of the situation and suggested Unwanted 21 Days. I followed the solution mom suggested to me.

Nothing ever remains the same and things changed for me as well. I had always been strong in academics and got placement in an IT company very soon. It was after 2 years that I was confident enough to enter the new phase of my life as a mother with a baby.  At the end of the day Unwanted21 Days taught me that I’m the torch bearer of my own.

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