Life After Unwanted 21 Days

Unwanted 21 Days

I am a partner at a law firm. Being one of the youngest partners in my field of work has its perks as well as downers too.

I know what I want from life and I know how to reach my goals but there are several decisions in life that we need to take keeping in mind the family and people we are associated with.

One such decision was me getting married. I was lucky to have my best friend as my life partner and soul mate. When it came to both of us planning to have a family, we mutually consented on what I want solely. He respects me for being the future mother to his kids and understands that it is my body and primarily my decisions.

I told him I don’t want to have kids at the moment. He was happy to accept it. We went to a gynecologist and she advised me to have Unwanted 21 Days tablets. She said that it is a tried and tested method to have a planned pregnancy without hampering my lifestyle.

I have been the same person I was before I started the tablets. My life, my ambitions and my career have not taken a back seat just because of this. Moreover, it has made me stronger and more in control of my life and family. I now know I will have kids when I am mentally, psychologically and physically ready.

I can’t thank Unwanted 21 Days enough for being my pillar of strength.

Image courtesy: renewedhopefamilyservices


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