It’s Time to Fly High with Freedom & without Fear

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A woman plays many roles in her life as daughter, sister, friend, wife and a mother. While fulfilling all the responsibilities, she makes many compromises. Whether it is a small matter like making food, buying a dress or bigger issues like starting a family, women undergo a lot of confrontations and conciliation.

She is considered as the torchbearer to spread love, happiness and care and serve everyone with all the respect and attention. This is the reason why a house is incomplete without a woman. You can forget all your worries by seeing the smile on your daughter’s face. Your sister is the best companion with whom you can share all your secrets. Your wife is certainly your better half, always standing by your side in your good and bad times. And your mother…well, no word can describe the greatness of a mother.

In our society, women are believed to be standing at the giving end.  But, what we are giving back to them. We don’t even allow her to decide what to wear, eat, study, work and she is not even allowed to have her say on her space in the family business or her life partner.It not only ends here. Even after marriage, having kids is not her decision since this becomes the matter of the whole family.Her opinion does not count.

If you really want to do something for that special woman of your life; make her feel that she is important to you. Take her opinions in every decision you make. You will definitely realize that the quality of your life has enhanced and you will never regret the decisions for your life.

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