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working women and baby

I am a working mother. Taking care of all my responsibilities means 24 hours in a day are not enough to get everything sorted in my life.

A good life means good and meticulous planning. I made sure that my career was never jeopardized due to any reason. I knew what I wanted from life. I also made sure I get married to the guy I loved and wanted to be with.

When the time of getting married came, I was very adamant on getting married when I was mentally and financially ready.

We got married on a mutually decided day and my husband and I decided to spend some quality time with each other before jumping into parenthood. For that we needed a good contraceptive method that gives good result and helps us in planning our family in a better manner.

We visited the gynecologist and she advised us to go for Unwanted 21 Days regular contraceptive tablets. I did so soon and followed all the dosage instructions nicely. I am also regular with my dosage timings.

I never worry about unwanted pregnancy anymore and both of us have fun all the time. Thanks Unwanted 21 Days.

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