It’s time to reignite the fire!

Ignite that fire

Dreams of a married life are simply awesome. That first warm touch and a seductive kiss are fiery enough to kindle your sexual desire.Those sensuous glances, turning on gestures and dirty talks bring butterflies in the stomach. That awe-struck feelings and heavenly satisfaction are really spellbound.

But, where have those love making sessions blown away? Were those moments limited to the honeymoon period only?  Generally, nothing is left with the couples to explore after a year or so. Does this mean that the language of love is limited to a fixed period only? Why? Is it because of the fear of unwanted pregnancy or to avoid that big responsibility that comes in the form of a new member in the family?

Is this your story too?

If yes, then taking a single step can re-kindle the joy of your happy sex life. Indulging yourself in gratifying moments and showing the sensual passion which you are craving for, is absolutely fine. Those hot moments are sensuous enough to re-ignite the fire in you. Nothing can stop, not even a single thought of unexpected unwanted happening.

Both, men and women have their own needs. It is very important to love and respect your partner. It is absolutely fine to compromise sometimes, to maintain a healthy relationship but not always. Experiencing those enjoyable moments while engaging in sexual activity is pleasurable, but the important aspect to take care is to protect yourself from that unwanted situation.

So, don’t let that unexpected involvement ruin your relationship. As today we are blessed with the magic of safe and effective ‘contraceptive methods’. Just one tablet a day can be a bliss to your married life.

Start recreating those sensuous mornings and seductive nights again. Enhance love & passion and change those tender moments into memorable times of your life. By saying yes to contraceptive tablets, you can say yes to your partner, always.

Image Courtesy: gatewaywomen


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