We Became Good Friends in Traffic Jam

unwanted 21 days_good friends

Not everyone loves the rain, and I am one among them. After working hard throughout the day in office, I was tired. That day, I had to attend some family function in evening so I decided to leave office early. While leaving office, one of my colleagues asked me to drop her near the metro station. I took out my car from parking and left office. Within ten minutes, it started raining heavily and I got stuck in a traffic jam.

Somehow I managed to drop my colleague near the metro station. Then I headed towards my destination. Unfortunately, my car broke down and I could not even find a garage. I tried to contact my brother to pick me up from the location. While waiting for my brother, I saw a colleague who was returning home in his car. He offered me lift and that was my first interaction with him. From the next day, I started talking to him and we turned into close friends.

After spending quality time with each other, we decided to get married. Besides our married life, we also planned to enjoy our professional lives. We wished to enjoy our time but were not ready for the responsibilities. We met a Gynecologist who advised me to take the first tablet on the first day of my menstrual cycle.  According to the prescription, the tablet is to be taken for consecutive 21 days. Then I was asked to wait for 7 days after I finish the first strip. The doctor said I will have my menses during that time. She asked me to make sure to start the second pack on the 8th day and continue the process like previously. It is an easy to use product with proven results.

This has given us the freedom to enjoy and plan our life according to our needs.

Image Courtesy: startitupskcdn


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