Does having sex before an important match affects the performance of an athlete?


Researchers have given various theories regarding the fact that it’s good to have sex before an important match, in order to calm down the physical and mental anxiety levels of an athlete.

Whereas sometimes it has been stated that sex distracts an athlete, lowers his or her hormonal levels and in turn, drops the excitement level of an athlete affecting their performance.

Reason what may be marriage and after life does affect an athlete career graph. Be it physical, mental or hormonal. Taking contraceptive tablets that regulate the hormones, keeps you fit for the performance and helps you to enjoy your sex life and it is the best possible thing which can be done.

It is really not necessary to allow something that hinders your way to enjoy your life to the fullest without sacrificing your career as well.

So girls, “start living your life the way you want, the way you wish”.

Image Courtesy: blogdoctoroz


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