Tips on how to maintain a healthy age gap between your kids

healthy age gap

Maintaining a healthy age gap is something that is very crucial in every married life.  Many couples make different choices depending upon their respective needs.

age gap between kids

Here are few tips to help you plan better:

  1. Communicate: Talk to your spouse about what you both want from life.
  2. Contraception: Make sure you both agree upon a tried and tested method. A good option for family planning in the long run is Unwanted 21 Days.
  3. Readiness: Ask yourselves whether you are mentally, physically, financially and psychologically ready for having kids and when to have them. Make sure you both agree on a healthy age gap in order to plan meticulously.
  4. Add value to your kid’s life: Your first child deserves all the much needed love and attention. Make sure you give him/her a good quality life.

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